Aurizon’s third RailMaster®6 Trackweigh system exceeds accuracy requirements


Following on from the success of their previous two installations in the last 6 months, Aurizon ordered a third Railmaster®6 Trackweigh system for their Boundary Hill loading point in southeast Queensland.

The Client’s requirement was for the provision of a trade approved in-motion Class 1 total train weigher and Class 2 individual wagon weigher. Upon arrival of a test train in June of this year, Meridian actually delivered a system accuracy that complied with a Class 0.2 total train weigher and Class 1 individual wagon weigher. For Aurizon, with total train weights around 8000 tonnes, and full wagons carrying 80 tonnes of product, this translates to a total train weight that is accurate to within 16 tonnes, and individual wagon weights accurate to 800kg. This degree of accuracy was achieved with Meridian’s entry level Trackweigh 1BXD system.

Furthermore, the client had allocated 3 days with the test train for tuning and calibration of the equipment to pass the trade approval testing procedures. However the Meridian system only required 1 day of test train use.

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